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Welcome and thank you for visiting Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies!. We are honored to be considered as a place you would trust in getting your newest family member. We have been breeding Golden Retriever for over 2 decades and are in love with this. Beautiful, smart, energetic, breed each and everyday that pass. As you can see we take what we do very seriously and believe that each and every puppy deserves the very best start. Whether it’s one-on-one clicker training, socialization or playtime in the yard; we know that it’s the small things that go a long way! It is our love and knowledge of the breed that has allow us to specialize in delivering high quality Golden Retriever Puppies only at affordable prices. That alone is the major difference we have compare to other breeders.

We raise our puppies on the Puppy Culture program. This is a socialization program which begins at birth and continue through twelve weeks of age. Our puppies are introduce to Early Neurological Stimulation (starting at three days old). Startle or recovery exercises, canine audio therapy, umbrellas, baby toys, crinkle toys, uneven surfaces, ramps, empty boxes, other dogs and children. They have their nails trim weekly, receive regular baths, get one on one walk, have their ears play with. have their feet play with, are laid on their backs for tummy massage, spend individual time in the crate, are clicker trained. Introduce to wearing a collar and will have learned to solve challenging situations. We are amaze at how well our puppies respond to the Puppy Culture program. Although it is an incredible amount of work, it is so rewarding to see our golden retrievers grow and progress with such confidence.

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We are proud of ourselves in running a small, educated, home based program. Where all of our golden retriever dogs are part of the family. We are working hard to import dogs that are very healthy, loving and have strong pedigrees. All of our breeding dogs have their patellas check. Have their backs x-rayed at the optimal age (to test for IVDD) and are PRA test. Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies may be small, but we take what we do very seriously.

We have a limited number of Golden Retrievers that live with us as we feel strongly about them being part of our family. Most of all, we love having fun with our babies and hope you enjoy some of the pictures we have on our website. Furthermore we have dedicate golden retrievers throughout the whole States and perhaps Canada. We have had 100% successful shipment over the years so whether you are in or out of our our State. Feel free to contact us because we offer 100% shipping success. so ironically we have Golden Retriever puppies available in all 50 states and Canada that can be seen in the list below.