We are so happy we found Leo through your site, Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies. He is so beautiful and an amazing puppy at almost 6 months old. Wherever we go, people comment how well mannered and handsome he is. Thank you for caring so much about your puppies! We can’t imagine our family without him now.
Hi Marvel Golden Retriever this is Mary and I wanted to share with you how awesome Mario aka now called Toby is! He is growing up to be a happy smart and good looking puppy! He is a joy to have and wanted to say thank you for everything. We are truly happy with our decision to purchase one of your cute puppies! These are some recent pictures.
Skye is doing fantastic ! She is just over 8 months old, weighs 57 pounds, and everyone cannot get over her dark, rich color. She is friendly, loving, has a great personality, follows me everywhere, and has been very easy to train. She will even retrieve, something we could not get our past two goldens to do!! Thank you Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies for a great dog!
Davis is just a few weeks shy of turning 11 months old! We can’t believe he will be a year old already. We love Leo very much and we know he loves us very much too. Especially the way he loves to wake us up in the morning to his yawns. They are loud and very obnoxious. Lol Or how he thinks that we are awake when we are turning over so he decides to lick our faces until we get up. Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies we can't thank you guys enough.
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I purchased Arnold from you almost 2 years ago, and Serge about 8 months ago. They are both the sweetest dogs ever!! I have loved every minute of having them and am so fortunate that they have been in good health since bringing them home. They are the best brothers and friends I’m so grateful for them and often refer people to you when they ask me where I got my Goldens from.
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Dapper is going great! He trained fast but is still a little mischievous. Lol. We thought the whole process of buying him and having him shipped went very easy. I recommended a friend to you who is looking to buy a golden. Words really can't explain how grateful we are to you Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies. Thanks for given us a wonderful addition to our family.
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Brad is doing awesome. He is almost 7 months now, continues to get bigger (he is at about 65lbs right now) and is healthy. He loves the dog park and doggy daycare so he can play with the other dogs. He’s smart, loyal and good natured. Our experience was nothing short of wonderful in working with you and the family. Thank you Marvel Golden Retriever Puppies.
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I bought Gabby from you guys and I just wanted to send you a few pictures of her, today was her 1st birthday. She’s doing very good, loves playing outside with her toys and taking walks at rock creek. She loves to be around other dogs, very playful! She knows how to sit, shake, roll over and lay down, she listens very well! She’s a wonderful dog, very well protective over the family especially the toddler. She knows when your sad and likes to make you happy by jumping in your lap and licking you to death. We love her to pieces and thank you Marvel Golden Retriever for selling us a wonderful dog.
The Canadian Golden Retriever
Jeddy has brought our family so much happiness! He’s a real goon, 54 lbs of energy and joy! He is a Golden of the highest quality. His appearance, temperament, and behavior are perfection. The care prior to adoption made us feel so confident in our adoption. We just love Teddy. We actively recommend marvelgoldenretrieverpups.com to all our family and friends. Thank you for bringing us so much love and joy in our Golden.
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